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Plan. Prepare. Respond.

Step into a thoughtfully designed active assailant simulation to enhance your situational awareness and build confidence in your response strategies, all within a supportive and controlled environment.


Our Mission is to turn:

Worry into control

Fear into action

Inexperience into awareness


At a Glance

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Modules will include Situational Awareness focused on day-to-day life such as being in restaurants, parking garages, retail establishments, and more trainings.


The training is designed to teach users how to respond effectively in the event of an active assailant situation in the workplace.

The training is suitable for anyone working in an office or other workplace environment where there is a potential risk of an active assailant incident.

No, this training is intended for adult players due to its serious and potentially distressing subject matter. We will be developing additional survival scenarios in the future that will be focused on the entire family’s safety.

You will learn active assailant survival strategies of Run, Hide, Fight as recommended by the United States Department Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Though every situation differs, these strategies will help prepare you to protect yourself, assist others and stay safe during an active assailant incident.

You can access the training by clicking on the “Get Started” tab on the website.

We offer different options from corporate memberships to individual memberships. If you would like a representative to reach out to your company please fill out the form on this page.

No, the training requires an internet connection.

Completion times vary. You will be led through 3 different scenarios as a choose your own adventure experience. You must complete all 3 scenarios.

You will face various workplace active assailant scenarios focusing on the decision to run, hide, or fight.

No, the training is designed to complement real-world preparation efforts.

We recommend players be at least 18 years of age. Content warnings are provided at the beginning of the training.

You can submit feedback or report issues by emailing Our support team will respond.

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Yes, please email us at and our team can assist you. We also recommend contacting your local authorities and workplace safety organizations for additional guidance.



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